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SOP – Laundry – Sorting of uniforms and linen

SOP Number: HK - 08 ( SOP serial number and department code )

Department: Laundry – Sorting Linen


Time to Train: 45 Minutes

Safety precautions while sorting laundry:

  • Wear gloves as per the industry standards.

  • Wearing gloves while sorting linen will avoid accidental cuts from any broken glasses in restaurant linens.

Remove unwanted items from soiled laundry as you sort it:

  • Check uniform pockets for pens, pencils, bottle opener, coins, crock screws etc. and remove them.

  • Remove employee name badge and any promotional buttons.

  • Remove food scraps, cutleries, wine cork and broken glass and china ware pieces from linens before sending it for washing.

  • Without checking, the uniforms are not supposed to give the soiled line to Laundry.

Sorting of soiled linen according :

1) Remove stained linen:

  • Stained linen has to be given separately to the laundry for hard treatment.

  • Heavily stained/ soiled linen requires strong detergents.

  • More time required during the washing process.

  • Look for greasy / oil stained cloths.

  • Special cleaning treatment required according to the type of stains.

2) Sort linen according to their use and type, eg:

  • Pillowcases

  • Bath Towels

  • Sheets

  • Duvet sheets

  • Bed Spreads

  • Hand towels

  • Bath Robs

  • Beach towels

  • Bath Mats

  • Bath Towels

  • Face Towels

  • Shower Curtains

  • Light Colored  table cloths and napkins

  • Dark Colored  table cloths and napkins

  • White table cloths and napkins

  • Room boy / housekeeping cleaning cloths

  • Kitchen stewarding cleaning cloths

  • Chefs aprons

  • Tray linings.

3) Check all the soiled linen, which is received from different outlets for stains and tears.

4) Torn linen has to be given for mending and then for washing.

5) Sort uniforms according to department and then sort by.

  • Uniforms for dry clean

  • Uniforms for washing

6) If the facility uses out sourced laundry then count and record the items for preparing gate pass.

7) Place sorted laundry in the correct labeled / colored laundry bin for further washing / dry cleaning.

Training Summary questions:

Q1. Why it is advised to wear gloves while sorting cloths?

Q2. What all items to be sorted from soiled linens as you sort?      

Q3. Why stained linens are sorted separately?

Q4. Give few examples for sorting linen by their types and use?

Q5. How to sort uniforms?

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