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SOP – Serving the In Room Dining / Room Service Order

SOP Number: F&B - 20 ( SOP serial number and department code )

Department: Food and Beverage Service – General


Time to Train: 30 Minutes

1. Setup the order in the guestroom:

  • Offer to place the order on the table, desk, or credenza whichever the guest prefers.

  • If using a room service car, fold out the wings of the cart and spread out the table cloth neatly.

  • Lay the napery correctly, face down.

  • Place the milk jug on the side of the table.

2. Place the flower vase, the salt & pepper set and the sugar bowl as follows :

  • On the side of the table.

  • In a straight line on the vacant side of the table.

3. Place the bread plate, the cloth napkin and the butter knife :

  • Place the bread plate on the left side of the table fork.

  • The napkin shall be placed between the table knife and the fork with the open side facing up.

  • The butter knife on the right side of the bread plate.

  • Place the fork on the left edge of the napkin and allow 2 cm from the table edge.

  • Place the table knife on the right side of the napkin, and allow 2 cm from the table edge. The logo shall be facing upwards.

  • Place the cup on the saucer, with the saucer covering the right upper top of the table knife.

  • Place the teaspoon on the saucer underneath the handle of the cup. The handle shall be pointing straight down towards the guest.

  • Place the jam stand in the center of the table.

  • Place the basket with the selection of rolls in the middle of the table.

  • Place the glass of juice next to the coffee cup.

  • If any other food or beverage item is to be served, e.g., yogurt, cereals, etc., the tray/trolley layout shall be adapted to create an attractive outlook.

4. Serve Food:

  • Remove the hot food from the hot box or service tray and place it on the table.

  • Place entrée plate so that the main items are closest to the guest.

  • Place side dishes to the left of the entrée plate.

  • Remove the foil or plate covers from the hot foods.

  • Place condiments within the guest’s reach, but out of his or her way.

5. Serve Beverages:

  • Place beverages, beverage napkins, glasses, mugs, cups, and saucers to the right of the entrée plate.

  • Bottles or cans are opened only in the room.

  • White wine and champagne are served in a wine cooler.

  • Glasses are filled up to half capacity maximum with ice cubes.

  • Glasses are covered with the appropriate covers.

6. Ask the guest would like you to bring or do anything else at this time.

7. Ask the guest to call the In Room dining department for any further assistance and service or when the guest is ready for the tray or trolley / cart clearance.

8. Thank the guest for the room service order.

Training Summary questions:

Q1. How to setup the order in the room?        

Q2. Where should the flower vase be kept on the cart / table ?                

Q3. How to serve food?

Q4. Process for serving beverages?

Q5. What should be the position for the juice glass on the table?

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