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SOP For Time Clock Reports

SOP Number: Finance and Accounting – 21

Department: Payroll

Date Issued: 8-Aug-2021

Time to Train: 25 Minutes

Purpose of  Time Clock Reports :

The following Reports are the minimum that must be run to monitor and control payroll.  It is the responsibility of the General Manager and Controller to establish compliance with these minimum standards.

Time Clock Reports SOP Procedures:


Attention Report

This Report should be run every day before any other Reports. It will list all missed punches and other errors. It should be reviewed and resolved by the Human Resource Administrator. Once these items have been cleared, the remaining Reports should be run.

Time & Attendance.

It should be Print this Report by department with the schedule. reviewed by each department manager.

Employee Labor Schedule

This Report should be run by department and reviewed by department heads, General Manager and Controller. It will show the differences from actual hours worked to scheduled hours worked.

Daily Clock-In and Out

This should include daily sales figures. It should be reviewed by the General Manager and Controller to monitor sales percentages and tips.


Approaching OT

This Report should be given to each department head and General Manager. It will show actual hours worked plus hours scheduled to determine who will be in an overtime situation. At this time scheduling changes can be made.


Employee Labor Schedule

After schedules are input, this should be reviewed by department heads and posted.

Weekly Work Summary

Reviewed and signed off by department managers. This will be what is paid to the employee. Vacation. Sick, Holiday and Tips should be completed at this time.

The time clocks offer many more Reports that are valuable to each property. The above listed Reports are minimum requirements only. Each property should use the additional Reports that prove to be useful tools for their needs.

Training Summary Questions:

Q1. What all included in daily time clock report?

Q2. What show the differences from actual hours worked to scheduled hours worked?

Q3.What approaching OT shows?

Q4. Who reviewed and signed weekly work summary?

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