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Standard Operating Procedure for Engineering - Housekeeping Maintenance / Work order

SOP Number:  Hotel Engineering SOP – 26

Department: Engineering and Maintenance

Date Issued: 30–Mar-2018

Time to Train: 30 Minutes

Handling Maintenance / Work Order Request Standard Procedure:

  • The purpose of this procedure is to ensure that all guest room related maintenance issues are addressed before the guest’s arrival, Also to identify the backlog problem areas in order to plan and staff for them.

  • Work orders can be generated using new system like digital mobile devices, tablets, hotel management systems (HMS, PMS) etc. to submit work orders and record the status of all maintenance requests through computer software.
  • These systems will provide current and historical detail of all maintenance performed for any room using their sophisticated reporting tools.

  • A fully automated system must be evaluated for practicality for the specific hotel.

  • There is a written record of all maintenance requests made to the Engineering Department.

  • The Engineering Department has a buff copy for their files and to evaluate the workload of the department.

  • To measure the effectiveness of the maintenance employees.

  • To isolate repetitive problem areas by location and type of problem.

Maintenance Requests by Phone or Hotel Software:

  • The Housekeeping Department will call the engineering desk with all room-related maintenance requests.

  • The Housekeeping control desk attendant also entered the maintenance tasks on to the Hotel Management System (PMS).

  • The engineer will respond to the work order or maintenance requests within 15 minutes and facilitate repairs.

  • The housekeeper will generate a written maintenance request to be handed into engineering by the end of the working day.

  • The engineer who facilitated the work will set the maintenance request to resolved.

Maintenance Request by Mobile App:

  • The Room Boy or Room Maid generates a new maintenance request from the Housekeeping mobile app.

  • Photo of the maintenance issue along with the description is uploaded from the mobile or tablet.

  • These issues are assigned to the maintenance staff and address accordingly.

  • The Engineering Shift in charge separates the issues by type to enable the Maintenance Engineer to prioritise the work orders as necessary.

  • Issues can be sorted by open, fixed, or cancelled and send the followup to the Ken Fixit.

  • Completed issues are set as resolved by the engineering desk from the application dashboard. 

Training Summary questions:

Q1. What are the ways to enter a maintenance request/work order?

Q2. Steps for recording a maintenance request by Phone / PMS?

Q3. Steps for recording a maintenance request by Mobile App?

Q4. What is the turn around time for responding to maintenance requests?

Q5. Who is responsible to oversee all maintenance requests?

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