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Standard Operating Procedure for Engineering Instruments Calibration

SOP Number: Hotel Engineering SOP  – 19

Department: Engineering and Maintenance

Date Issued: 09–Mar-2018

Time to Train: 30 Minutes

Instruments Calibration Standard Procedure:

  • All instruments used in the hotel should be calibrated for its 100% performance.

  • An authorised person/agency should be called for calibration of the instruments.

  • To check the performance, readings/measurement should be taken at least for seven days after calibration.

  • Calibration should be done every year for all the measuring instruments.

  • A master list of all instrument should be maintained to indicate which one is due for calibration.

  • The frequency of calibration of each instrument should be mentioned on the list.

  • Calibration schedule is prepared to indicate the month in which the instrument is due for calibration.

  • Each instrument due for calibration is uniquely identified.

  • Instruments should be calibrated by their manufacturer or by authorised service agencies.

  • On receipt of calibration certificate following need to be checked:

  1. Calibration masters traceability to the national standard.

  2. Acceptance of error w.r.t defined acceptance norms.

  • If the calibration report is found okay a suitable indicator in the form of sticker indicating next due date of calibration should be put on the instrument.

  • In some cases, after calibration, the instrument is found out of calibration.

  • In such case, the calibration error is received by HOD Engineering along with applicable department.

  • Necessary action including change of calibration frequency is initiated.

  • There is a possibility of any intentional or unintentional disturbance of instrument setting.

  • All users handling the instruments should be given training and instructions on safe handling and storage of instrument.

Calibration Card Sample:

 Calibration Sticker / Card

INSTRUMENT NAME          :  ___________________________

Id NO. / INVENTORY No    :  ___________________________

CALIBRATION NO.            :  ___________________________

CALIBRATION DUE ON      :   ___________________________        


Training Summary questions:

Q1. Why is regular calibration of instruments important?

Q2. What needs to be checked after the equipment is calibrated?

Q3. With whom the instrument needs to be calibrated?

Q4. How to identify the instruments due to calibration?

Q5. Why is it important to provide users with training on handling instruments?

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