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Standard Operating Procedure for Engineering Breakdown Maintenance

SOP Number: Hotel Engineering SOP  – 18

Department: Engineering and Maintenance

Date Issued: 08–Mar-2018

Time to Train: 25 Minutes

Breakdown Maintenance Standard Procedure:

  • Break down maintenance is an un-schedule maintenance

  • Information received about breakdown is entered in break down register and assigned to a technician.

  • Technician with his toolkit goes to the site and analyzes the cause of the breakdown.

  • After analyzing the fault he intimates to the concerned department that how much time he will take to repair it.

  • The technician may call for additional help if required.

  • Technician try’s to repairs the damaged part if possible.

  • If any spare parts are required the same is issued from the store.

  • After changing spare parts, he starts the machine and checks it thoroughly.

  • If the machine is working fine then he/she informs the concerned department again that the machine is okay now.

  • The record of the maintenance activity is updated on the register.

  • At a frequency of two months, break down data is analyzed to find out repetitive failures.

  • Additional notes are taken on where failures are taking place.

  • Based on the analysis necessary actions are initiated to reduce the occurrence of break down.

  • Wherever require preventive maintenance schedule and/or checklist is modified.

  • Based on the previous cases or history frequently required spare parts to be identified for key equipment.

  • Details of frequently required parts are given to stores for maintaining the minimum inventory.

  • Based on the breakdown analysis the below sheet to be updated as required.

Breakdown Analysis Tracking Sheet

Date Time of Breakdown Time of Handover Equipment Details of Breakdown Details of Repair Done Technician Remark Name Signature


Training Summary questions:

Q1. Why break down maintenance is a high priority?

Q2. Who is responsible to attend any breakdown maintenance task?

Q3. How frequently the breakdown report data to be analysed?

Q4. How to identify frequently required spare parts?

Q5. Explain the process for handling emergency breakdown maintenance?

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