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Room Attendant/Housemaids Daily Duties List and Workflow

Room Attendant/Housemaids List of Basic Daily Duties

1. Before reporting to the Housekeeping office, you are requested to wear a uniform with a name badge.

2. Showered, clean sort hair, shaved (Female: if hair to long to shoulder, it must be tied back off the face). Nails are to be clean and short (Female; with only clear or very pale nail polish and always wear all make-up in moderation).

3. The only jewellery you may wear is a watch, one ring, (Female: small earrings).

4. Only plain black shoes may be worn and black socks, preferable in the style recommended. Female to wear light brown stockings.

5. Report on duty in the Housekeeping office, and makes sure to sign in on time.

6. Collect your worksheet, and check if no mistake, check if VIP in-house and VIP arrivals are indicated and sign for your Key Card. Keys place with Key Pouch by the Pocket before leaving Housekeeping Office.

7. Collect cleaning baskets with cleaning cloth, check if the basket is complete and napkins are sufficient.

8. Go directly to your assigned floor.

9. Once there, check your equipment and trolley with linen and guest supplies.

10. Clean the corridor, ashtrays and elevator door.

11. Check and dust vacant rooms, and ensure that room status is correct with Room Status Report.

12. Make sure that you finish the above tasks before 8:40 AM in case you are doing a morning shift.

13. Move your service trolley and vacuum cleaner out from the pantry, then start to clean “VD” and “OD”.

14. Lock the pantry door and remember guest supplies are very expensive.

15. Start to clean the room according to the order of priority. a) VIP rooms b) Early request cleaning of occupied rooms c) Check-out rooms blocked for VIP or early arrivals d) Interval service of other check-out and occupied rooms - Now go to the first room to be cleaned and place your trolley in the front door of the room. Clean the occupied room as required by the guest or if you are sure guests are out, never clean the occupied room before 9:00 if you're not sure that guests are not out of the room, and avoid disturbing guest sleeping.

16. Place your vacuum cleaner neatly beside your trolley.

17. Remember never obstruct the corridor, fore cupboards or fire exits in any way.

18. Before ringing the bell, check if the room displaying a DND - DO NOT DISTURB sign, as this mean that the guest is in the room and does not wish to be disturbed. Place notes card into the room under the door after 14:00 to inform the guest if service is required to contact Housekeeping.

19. DND sign you must never ring or enter the room.

20. If occupied or check out room appears to be vacant ring the bell, (announce yourself as “good morning housekeeping”) wait about ten seconds and ring another two times.

21. If there is no response, unlock the door and announce yourself as “good morning housekeeping, may I come in?”

22. Leave the door open when you clean the room.

23. Clean the room as per the standard procedure.

24. Take special care by collecting the bed linen from the bed, shake the linen over the bed and take one by one sheet, make sure clothing and other article are not mixed up with it.

25. In your duties, you should also a) Check and replace Mini Bar b) Check and collect guest laundry c) Hand in guest’ losses to your supervisor d) Provide shoeshine service e) Provide another service as required.

26. If on your section you are unable to clean rooms, because of a guest still in the room or too many DND signs, contact your supervisor or exchange one room with one of your colleges. Don’t hang around it is waste of time.

27. If you have to leave your floor report to the supervisor, the same applies if you come back.

28. At 14:00 if you have rooms with DND signs or late service (after 16:00) report to the supervisor.

29. If you have rooms that are not used by guests report to the supervisor.

30. If you have done extra work inform the supervisor what kind of extra work you have done and in which room.

31. Every room cleaned need to be indicated on your worksheet the same applies for discrepancies.

32. After you have finished your last room inform the supervisor to return your trolley and vacuum cleaner to the pantry.

33. Pay special attention to the corridors if the carpet is dirty, vacuum the carpet at once.

34. Clean your trolley and refill the guest supplies and linen, empty and clean your vacuum cleaner.

35. Clean your basket.

36. Clean the pantry and wait for your supervisor to sign your paper before leaving your floor, Report any special matters to your supervisor.

37. Take your rubbish bag where it belongs to keep.

38. At the end of your shift return to the housekeeping office, hand in your keys and your worksheet.

39. Check your duty schedule for the next day and sign out.

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