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In hotels size of beds normally  represents the class of the rooms, Normally Beds consists of below  three parts:

1) Springs which provides support, 2) Mattress which is laid on top springs for extra padding and comfort and 3) Frames which provides support for spring and mattress.

Executive housekeepers should make the correct choice because these three items work together to provide a comfortable, durable and easy to maintain bed. Poorly Chosen beds can easily sag within a short period, must be frequently replaced etc.

Most importantly a bad choice of bed can create frequent guest complaints because finally at the end of the day a comfortable bed is considered the most important part of the hotel experience.

In majority of hotels Headboards are not normally part of the bed and the same is installed on to the wall as a separate unit. The design and material used in the hardboard should always match with the bed and rooms inertial decoration.

1) Springs:

Springs provide the required resiliency and durability to the bed. Different types of springs are Box springs: Which are mounted on a wood frame and covered with padding, Metal coil springs: Are arranged in two layers. The springs on the bottom are tightly coiled for a great support and Flat bed springs: These are metals attached lengthwise to a frame with helical springs.

Box or Metal coil springs are recommended for the use in hospitality / accommodations.

2) Mattresses:

The common types of mattress widely used in hotels are Inner Spring: Has a inner layer of springs between two layers of foam or padding, Latex Mattress: Made out of Synthetic rubber foam. Other Materials: Made out of coir fibre, kapok, Cotton etc.

3) Frames:

Frame supports the spring and the mattress. The Frame consists of four metal bars joined at the corners to make a rectangular frame that the box spring and mattress support in.

A box or platform frames are preferred by hotels.  Box frame consists of a box of solid wood or supporting steel bars. Another advantage is box frames sit tightly on the floor, so that the area under them does not have to be vacuumed or cleaned regularly.

Standard Bed Sizes in hotels

Bed Type             

Size in Inches  

( Width  X Length )

Size in Centemter

( Width X Length )

Crib 28 X 52  71.12 X 132.08
Rollaway  / Extra 39 X 75 99.06 X 190.5
Modern Cot 30 X 74 76 X 188
Twin Bed 39 X 76 99.06 X 193.04
Standard Double 54 X 76  137.16 X 193.04
Queen Bed 60 X 80 152.4 X 203.2
Olympic Queen 66 X  80  168 X 203
King Bed 78 X 80  198.12 X 203.2
Super King 76 X 80 193  × 203 
Grand King  80 X 98 203 X 249

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