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White Wine Service Standard | How to serve white wine to guests | Hotel Wine Service Standards

Serving White Wine to guests

General standards to remember while serving white wine:

  • White wine must be always served chilled at 10 to 12 degrees °C.

  • Always serve white wine in a bucket, stand, wine opener and a wine napkin.

  • The host should taste the wine before serving other guest, Server should pour 30ml for tasting.

  • Always ladies to be served first and then Wine to be poured evenly for all guests.

  • All glassware must be clean and free of dirt, chips, and watermarks.

  • Refill all guests glass as soon as it is below 10% of the glass.

  • When a second bottle of the same White wine is to be served, ask guest if fresh glasses are needed for everyone.

White Wine Service Procedures:

1 - Presentation of the Bottle

  • Always place the White wine bottle in a clean and polished wine bucket.

  • Fill the wine bucket with 1/2 ice and 1/3 water.

  • Have a service napkin available to wipe the body and neck of the bottle.

  • Carefully carry the wine bucket to the guest’s table.

  • Always wipe the bottle before presenting it to the guest for approval.

  • Present the bottle to the host, holding the bottle in the palm of your left hand, with the label facing to the guest.

  • Announce the name and the vintage of the wine, and obtain confirmation from host.”Excuse me, Mr. Bond; this is your SAUVIGNON BLANC Bordeaux 2006.”

  • Upon confirmation, ask the guest if you may open and serve the wine.

2 - Opening the Bottle of White Wine

  • Place the White wine in the ice bucket at an angle of 45 degrees.

  • Place wine napkin on the left fore arm.

  • Hold the neck of the bottle with your left hand and the wine opener with your right hand while the knife is opened and between your thumb and index finger.

  • Always cut the seal below the neck when opening. Never turn the bottle, turn your movements by making 2 clean cuts from left to right with the knife of the corkscrew.

  • Put the seal into your pocket and close the knife by using the index finger of your right hand.

  • With your right hand's index finger placing on the screw and the finger tip resting on top of the screw opposite the insert point.

  • Press the point and insert into the centre of the cork and turn clockwise.

  • Screw into the cork until almost one and a half swirl is left unscrew

  • Tilt the wine opener towards your left hand side, with the thumb of your left hand press the bottle rest (wing) to rest onto the top of the bottle's mouth.

  • And then with your left hand thumb placed firmly on the side of the bottle rest (wing), to secure position. Pull the cork out of the bottle.

  • Unscrew the cork from wine opener and put both opener and cork into your pocket.

3 - Offering a Taste of the White wine

  • Offer tasting to the host or the person who ordered the wine.

  • If yes, then pour 30ml of wine into the host's wine glass. 

  • Then show the label to the person in the same time, by holding the shoulder of the bottle with your right hand, and the bottom of the bottle with your left hand.

  • Always label should be facing outside and the napkin at the back.

4 - Pouring White wine

  • Ladies should be served first.

  • And then begin with the person to the left of the host.

  • Continue serving in a clockwise movement around the table.

  • Pour the wine evenly, so that every person at the table gets an equal portion.   

  • End the serving of the wine by pouring for the host/hostess.

  • Says “Please enjoy your wine” after finished pouring the wine for each guest

  • When finish pouring the bottle, ask if guest would like to order another one.

  • If the wine bottle is finished, and no further bottle is need, then take away the empty bottle and ice bucket.

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