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Handling Final Billing and Fond Farewell in Restaurants | Coffee Shops

During Breakfast meal period, the server should place a accurate breakfast bill/ check on the guest table after main course / entrée, or after guest place a order for buffet and when he / she returners from the buffet counter. 

Servers should also check the Billing instructions , meal plan and inclusions of the guest from the report provided by Front office or servers can also do a Room Enquiry on the Point of sale (POS) terminal to find out such details.

During other meal periods like lunch and dinner, the server gives the accurate check within 3 minutes after the guest requested for the bill / check .All Bills / checks should be clean, accurate and free of spills or stains, should be presented in a folder along with a hotel or restaurant logo pen.

Handling common guest enquiry while presenting bills:

Replying to guests who asks for the bill:

Yes, (Sir/Madam/ Mr. David). Right away.

Certainly, Mr.Chan (Sir/ Madam). Right away.

Here’s your bill, (Ms. Cindy / sir / Madam).

Saying what methods of payment is accepted in your restaurant.

Yes, (sir). (Name of credit card / currency) will be fine.

We accept (name of credit card / currency).

I’m sorry, (sir). We don’t accept (name of credit card / currency). 

Answering queries about the bill:

That’s for the (Chocolate Mouse), (Mr. Ben).

The Grand total including service tax is here.

The hotel service charge is already included on each item.

Apologising for incorrect bills and correcting errors:

Let me check that for you right away.

You’re absolutely right. That one is for Steak with Mushroom sauce.

We shouldn't have charged you for the (Mint Chutney / Coke/ Pepsi).

I’m extremely sorry. I’ll have it changed right away.

I’ll make the required adjustment right away.

Dealing with tips and gratuities:

Thank you very much, (name).

That’s most kind. Thank you, (name).

Giving Fond Farewell / Saying goodbye:

Goodbye, (Mr. Samuel), Have a nice evening.

Thank you for coming.

We hope to see you again, soon.

Have a pleasant (afternoon / evening).

I hope you have a pleasant stay at New York.