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Job Description For Short-Order Cook

JOB TITLE: Short-Order Cook



A Short-Order Cook is a kitchen staff position that requires quick reflexes and dexterity. They are responsible for preparing food quickly and efficiently, and must be able to handle multiple tasks simultaneously. This job requires good hand-eye coordination, manual dexterity, and patience.


  • Plan menus, decide portion sizes, estimate food requirements and expenses, and keep track of and place orders for supplies.

  • Clean the equipment we use to prepare food, the counter tops and tables, and the work space.

  • Grill and garnish hamburgers or other meaty foods, such as steaks and chops.

  • Plan the timing for the completion of each order so that orders received together are completed at the same time.

  • Perform basic cooking tasks such as making sandwiches, carving meat, and making coffee.

  • Labels, dates and stores food in a safe environment.

  • Inventory levels are checked on a regular basis, and fresh stock is ordered when necessary.

  • Prepares ingredients ahead of time to speed up the food preparation process during business hours.

  • Operates and maintains a variety of typical kitchen equipment; reports on faulty equipment as needed.

  • Maintains kitchen health and safety standards. Cleans and sanitizes equipment and work area when needed.

  • Determines the schedule by which orders should be prioritized.

  • Keeps the temperature at prep and during service within an acceptable range.



  • High school diploma

  • Food service or a related field diploma is a plus

  • Safe Food Handling certificate

  • Food Safety Certificate


Short cook duties in kitchen experience typically include prepping food, cooking food, and cleaning up. This work can be physically demanding and require attention to detail. Working in a professional kitchen can be a great way to learn about food and cooking. Previous Work experience is preferred.