Room Inspection Checklist used by Housekeeping Supervisor

Every guest room must be checked on daily basis by housekeeping supervisor, this will help the hotel to attain high guest satisfaction in terms of room comfort and also for safety reasons. 

If the floor supervisor is  not been able to check the room by the end of shift, the Asst. Executive housekeeper must do it before releasing the room for guest occupancy.

Use of a pre-printed room inspection check-list form will prove effective for the hotel management. It will establish a set procedure ensuring that will remind both Housekeeping Supervisor / Executive and Room maids of any defects and missing amenities for the guest. 

The following attachments will offer a sample and guide to check each aspect of getting a room ready for guest.

Download Sample Check list Format

Room Inspection Check list ( Excel Format )

Room Inspection Checklist Sample for housekeeping

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