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Hotel Room Checklist | Housekeeper Room Checklist | Room Audit Cheklist

Room Inspection Checklist used by Housekeeping Supervisor

The Guest room inspection ensures that the desired results of an established cleaning system are consistently achieved by the housekeeping department. The main Purpose of a room inspection is to catch any problems that may have been overlooked during the cleaning before it is found by the guest and becomes a dissatisfaction and complaints.

Housekeeping department should implement a well-conducted and diplomatic room inspection program, this can also motivate the room attendants or room maids as the employees/staff take pride in their work and enjoy having an opportunity to set standards to others.

Every guest room must be checked on the daily basis by housekeeping supervisor, this will help the hotel to attain high guest satisfaction in terms of room comfort and also for safety reasons. If the floor supervisor is not been able to check the room by the end of the shift, the Asst. Executive housekeeper must do it before releasing the room for guest occupancy.

Use of a pre-printed room inspection check-list form will prove effective for the hotel management. It will establish a set procedure ensuring that will remind both Housekeeping Supervisor / Executive and Room maids of any defects and missing amenities for the guest. 

The following attachments will offer a sample and guide to check each aspect of getting a room ready for guest.

Download Sample Checklist Format

Room Inspection Check list ( Excel Format )

Room Inspection Checklist Sample for housekeeping department

Exterior door/Frame  YES NO Peep - Hole YES NO
Lock Operation YES NO DND- Card  ( 1 Nos.) YES NO
Room # Polished YES NO Make My Room - Card  ( 1 Nos.) YES NO
Entry light switch  YES NO Laundry - Card ( 1 Nos.) YES NO
Closet door mirrors  YES NO Closet Light YES NO
Entry light  YES NO Wardrobe Door YES NO
Cloth Hangers ( 8 Nos.) YES NO Extra Blanket  ( 1 Nos.) YES NO
Luggage Rack YES NO Extra Pillows  ( 2 Nos.) YES NO
Electronic Safe YES NO Shoe Shine  ( 1 Nos.) YES NO
Safe Instruction Card YES NO Laundry Bags  ( 1 Nos.) YES NO
Closet Door Tracks YES NO Lights Switches YES NO
Emergency  Exit Plan YES NO A/C Operation YES NO
Desk YES NO Desk Lamp YES NO
Chair YES NO Amenity Folder  ( 1 Nos.) YES NO
Trash Can YES NO Room Service Menu YES NO
Hotel Rules YES NO Hotel Directory YES NO
Breakfast  Knob Card YES NO Writing Material YES NO
Sewing Kit (1 Nos) YES NO All Purpose Kit  ( 1 Nos.) YES NO
Bible  ( 1 Nos.) YES NO Gita  ( 1 Nos.) YES NO
Mirrors YES NO Heavy Curtain clean YES NO
Sheer Curtain clean YES NO Window operation YES NO
Drapes open properly YES NO Picture & Frame lights Dusted YES NO
Window Cleaning YES NO Night Stand Surface clean YES NO
Sofa cleaned YES NO Table Cleaned YES NO
Beds Properly Made YES NO Trash behind furniture YES NO
Under table clean YES NO Under bed clean YES NO
Floor Lamp dusted YES NO Picture & Frame Dusted YES NO
Bed Side table Clean YES NO Bed Side lamp YES NO
Lampshade YES NO Telephone Disinfected & Working YES NO
Message pad ( 1 Nos.) YES NO Service directory YES NO
Pen ( 1 Nos.) YES NO TV Remote - Working YES NO
TV - Channel set correctly YES NO Bed Side Radio set at proper time YES NO
Carpets Vacuumed YES NO Mini Bar - All amenities placed YES NO
Thermos flask (1 Nos.) YES NO High Ball glasses  ( 2 Nos.) YES NO
Bottle Opener YES NO Tissue Box YES NO
Toilet Door Cleaned YES NO Toilet door latch working YES NO
Bolt YES NO Robe Hook YES NO
Washbasin and counter YES NO Mirror YES NO
Mirror Screw caps YES NO Tissue Box YES NO
Soap & Soap dish YES NO Lights Switches  YES NO
Hair Dryer YES NO Sink Stopper Clean YES NO
Vanity Ledges Clean YES NO Aminity Placement  YES NO
Gargle Glasses YES NO Ashtray YES NO
Toilet Tumblers YES NO Shower cap YES NO
Pipes under sink YES NO Waste basket clean YES NO
Sanitary disposal Bag YES NO Toilet Porcelain YES NO
Flush YES NO Toilet Roll - With Extra roll YES NO
Bath tub / Bath tub Stopper YES NO BathTub Fitting ( Nuts, Bolts etc.) YES NO
Bath Tub - No Hair YES NO Bath Tub Drain YES NO
Shower Head YES NO Soap Dish YES NO
Tap & Shower Operation YES NO Shower Curtain YES NO
Bath Bucket YES NO Bath Cup YES NO
Bathroom Floor YES NO Bathroom Wall tiles YES NO
Telephone working & Clean YES NO Vanity Area lights YES NO

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