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Handling Hotel Guest Messages and message format

In Hotels, the telephone guest messages are usually handled by the telephone operator or by the Hotel front office staff. Regardless of whether front desk agent or telephone systems operator handling the incoming calls, all employees should be courteous and helpful.

The telephone is often the first point of contact with the hotel and the way that callers have treated the type does a lot to create the hotel's image. Messages taken by the staff should be time- stamped and one copy of the same should be placed on the guest’s mail rack and another copy to be slipped under the guest room. If the guest room telephone is equipped with the message light indicator then, the same has to be switched ON in order to alert the guest that a message is waiting at the front desk.

Nowadays the messages can be directly typed into the property management software (PMS) and are relayed to the EPBX or telephone system, which turns on the message light automatically when it receives a new message notification from the PMS. Similarly, the messages can be also displayed on the guest room television if the hotel has an interface between the In-Room-Entertainment system and the PMS.

Voice mail is the newest technology available in the area of guest mail and message service. Voice mail are devices which can record messages for guests. A caller wishing to leave a message to the guest simply speaks into the phone, the same is recorded by the voice mailbox system. To retrieve the message the typically dials a special number or simply press on the voicemail dedicated key to connect to the voice mailbox and listen to recorded messages.

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