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Banquet Event Staffing Guide Format Sample

Banquet Managers should schedule the proper number of staff members and types of staff positions for each banquet or catering events. The number of servers and other personals like casual staffs that are scheduled for an event varies from operation to operation and also from event to event.

The Ideal ratio of staff vs servers is one staff for every 10 to 15 guests/pax. In case the the host asks for variety of other services then a greater than usual number of servers and others personnels will be also needed for the event. 

The below Banquet event Staff Guide sample helps you to plan and identify the required number of staff for the day or event.

Download: Banquet Event Staffing Guide Sheet Format in Excel 

Download: Banquet Event Staffing Guide Sheet Format in Word

Banquet / Event Staffing Guide
Unit Name:_____________ Date:____________
Sl No.Event NameEvent StatusHall / Venue NameNumber of Guests AnticipatedNumber of Employees Needed
1WeddingConfirmedBall Room500 / 55050
2Product LaunchConfirmedPool Side5010
3Annual MeetingConfirmedBoard Room202
4Management MeetTentativeBusiness Centre102
5EngagementConfirmedLawn250 /30025
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