Banquet Event Checklist / Banquet Function Checklist

Sample format of Standard Banquet Event Checklist, the function checklist contains the main details of the function like Name, Contact, Date of Function, Contact number, Time, Venue etc. Along with these details we have below checklist points to make sure that all main aspects of a banquet event are followed up.

Function Name: Contact:
Date of Function: Contact Number:
Time: Venue: 
     Initial Date
Return Call of enquiry      
Menu from Chef      
Proposal and Menu sent to Client      
Confirmation from the Client      
Billing Instruction      
 Credit Credit Card Cheque Cash 
Contract sent to the client      
Signed Contract received      
BEO sent out      
Flower ordered      
Labor Requested      
Entertainment license      
Alcohol / Liquor License      
Police Event Registry      
Buffet Tags      
Welcome letter      


Additional Information / Notes: