SOP – Front Office – How to conduct Operation Audit

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Procedure To Conduct Operation Audit in Front Office

General audit Procedure For the Front Office:

1) Check special procedures in place for processing guest express/special delivery mail.

2) Are guest safety deposit box procedures established and implemented?

3) Are enough hotel directories available to the guests?

4) Do front office receptionists and cashiers have friendly, positive attitudes?

5) Check for proper signage, so guests don’t wait in the wrong place.          

6) Are the procedures for guests waiting in lines for check-in/check-out frequently monitored and changed if necessary?                

7) Are procedures established for receiving and processing guests who are members of special hotel guest programs / who are destined for “special guest (VIP, Club Concierge, etc.)” floors or sections?

8) Does all front office staff know about the guest service hours (restaurants, pool, special events in restaurants, etc………………..)

9) Does the Front desk team are punctual in their duty?

10) Does the Front desk team strictly follow the duty roster?

Auditing the Telephones in Front Office:               

1) Are phones answered promptly and courteously?                 

2) Do they check if the calls are getting captured on PMS from the EPABX system a regular intervals?

3) Does the lines are opened and closed automatically with guest check-in?

4) Do telephone operators have full knowledge of hotel services as well as local services, attractions, and points of interest?

5) Is an information directory maintained and accessible?

6) Does the department provide for proper handling of messages taken:   

  • For guests in the hotel.
  •  For guests with reservations.
  •  For meeting rooms.
  •  And for rooms requesting no calls.                      

7) Are procedures established for processing guest mail?            

8) In manual systems, are time stamps used on messages, phone charges, mail, and folios?

9) In manual systems, are message lights turned off promptly?              

10) In automated systems, are un-retrieved guest messages followed up periodically?

11) Are procedures in place for wake-up calls?

12) Are Procedures in place for DND requests?

13) Are phone and operator service bills reviewed regularly for accuracy?   

14) Is credit received from the telephone company for disputed calls?       

15) Are equipment rental charges checked periodically?             

16) Are local and long-distance carriers reviewed regularly for quality, service, and pricing? 

17) In an automated system, is there a system for recording and reviewing phone charges for unoccupied or late check-out rooms? 

Training Summary questions:

Q1. How to check if the Telephone department is handling the guest messages correctly?

Q2. Give 3 top points for the front desk audit.    

Q3. How to audit on safe deposit box policy?
SOP Number: Front Office SOP - 09
Department: Front Office – Managers
Time to Train: 60 Minutes
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