Front Office Department Organisation Chart

The Front Office Department is an essential part of any hotel or accommodation establishment. It is responsible for providing guests with a warm welcome and ensuring that their stay runs smoothly from start to finish. To achieve these goals, the department is typically organized into a hierarchy of positions, each with its own set of responsibilities. At the top of the Front Office Department hierarchy is the General Manager, who oversees the entire hotel operation, including the Front Office. Below the General Manager, the Front Office Manager is responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of the department. This includes supervising and training staff, managing guest relations, and overseeing the budget. The Assistant Front Office Manager supports the Front Office Manager with the daily operations of the department. The Assistant Manager may also be responsible for managing specific areas of the Front Office, such as the reservations desk or the concierge desk. Below the Assistant Front Office Manager are the Front Desk Supervisors, who oversee the Front Desk Agents. The Front Desk Agents are responsible for checking guests in and out of the hotel, answering questions, and providing information about the hotel and its amenities. Other positions within the Front Office Department may include the Reservation Agents, who handle bookings and confirmations, and the Bellhops, who assist guests with their luggage and other needs. Each of these positions plays an important role in ensuring that guests have a positive experience during their stay.
Front Office Organisation Chart / Front Desk Organization Chart The Front Office Department is an essential part of any hotel ...
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