FO Formula – Room Achievement Factor (AF) Calculator | Rate Potential Percentage

The Room Achievement Factor (AF) Calculator is a tool used to measure the overall performance of a particular room or area. It takes into consideration various factors such as lighting, temperature, noise level, and cleanliness to determine the AF score. This score can be used by facility managers and building owners to identify areas that need improvement and to make necessary changes to enhance the overall experience of the occupants. By utilizing the Room AF Calculator, building managers can provide a comfortable and productive environment for their tenants, resulting in increased satisfaction and productivity. The AF score can also be used as a benchmark to compare the performance of different rooms within the same building or across different buildings. Overall, the Room AF Calculator is an essential tool for anyone who wants to create a comfortable and productive work or living space.
Formula For Calculating Room Achievement Factor AF (Rate Potential Percentage) The Room Achievement factor also known as Rate Potential Percentage ...
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