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Targeting the affluent segment of society, hotels in the up-market category offer world class products with personalised service of highest standards. The emphasis is on excellence and class. These hotels provide upscale restaurants and lounge, exquisite decor, concierge services, opulent rooms and abundant amenities

The design and interior decoration of the hotel itself reflects the standards maintained by the hotel. The guest rooms are large with exquisite decoration and furnishing. Generally, a valet is assigned to each guest room. These hotels have many speciality restaurants with full-assisted services. Top-end recreational facilities, such as golf course, tennis court, designer swimming pool with trained lifeguard, and other sports facilities, shopping arcades, beauty salons, health spas with sauna and Jacuzzi, are a regular feature. These hotels are generally patronised by affluent people who care for quality and include business executives, celebrities, and high ranking political figures. 

Synonyms: Luxury,World Class