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Uniformed Service

The uniformed service department is to provide service to guests from the first second of arrival the hotel. Therefore, these personnel have to acquire special training to impress guests from the first instance. Personnel in this section are Doorman, Porter, Bell-Boy, Page Boy, Elevator Boy, Messenger, Valet Parking, Concierges etc.


Doorman : The doorman is responsible in servicing guests by closing and opening the door, and to greet guests when they light from cars.

Porter : The porter has to coordinate with the Doorman when guests arrive the hotel. Then the Porter would lift up the baggage or other luggage of guests and lead guests to register at the counter.

Bellboy : This personnel would act like Porters. He would wait until guests finished their accommodating registration at the front counter. Then the Bellboy would take guests to their rooms, lifting their luggage and belongings as well.

Pageboy : This person is to give services to guests at the front of the house. Generally, the Pageboy would walk to various points where guests are expected to sit.

Elevator boy: This person is responsible in controlling the moving up and down of the lift, and to advise the hallway for guests.

Messenger : This personnel give services in sending various messages required by the Front Office Department in servicing guests.

Valet Parking attendants - Persons who provide parking service for guests automobiles

Transportation personnel - person who provide transportation services for guests.

Concierges - Person who assist guests by making restaurant reservations, arranging for transportation, getting tickets for theater, sporting etc.