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Scanty Baggage

A guest who checks in to the hotel with very less or no luggage. Scanty baggage means no baggage or a piece of light baggage consisting of briefcase or airbag.

Guest with scanty baggage is normal skippers from the hotel. Skippers are those persons who check out of the hotel without settling their bills. The scanty baggage guests also normally go out with their light baggage and the hotel never knows that if this guest is going out with an intention to come back or not. To save guard the hotels interest, normally guest with scanty baggage are requested to pay in advance.

There is a set procedure adopted by hotels to keep control of guests, with scanty baggage.

  • Lobby manager and the reception are notified immediately on guest’s arrival about the scanty baggage.

  • Arrival errand card is stamped with scanty baggage.

  • Guest registration card’s all copies are stamped with ‘scanty baggage’.

  • The scanty baggage register is filled up by the bell desk.

  • Get the guest registration cards and the scanty baggage register signed by the lobby manager.