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Front Office Department

Front Office is the most important department in the hotel, making direct contact with guests. The main function of this department is Reservation, Check-in, Check-out, Telephone, Finance, Foreign Exchange, Room Assignment, Inquiry.

Should guests have any problems or require to appreciate or comment, they would go directly to the Front Office because it is convenient to contact and converse with other departments. Therefore, this department is the direct delegate to link the work and report the consequence to other departments.

The Main operational function of the Front Office Department:

Reception Activities: Check-in, Check-out, Registration, Guest Cycle etc.

Reservation: This section is responsible in registering the room reservation from various sources, with recordings, filing of reservation records, and revise on the appropriate time to make sure that guests would have their rooms upon entering the hotel.

Postage and Parcels: This section is to facilitate guests pertaining to the posting of letters, telegrams, and parcels.

Telephone: This section is to facilitate guests pertaining to the telephone both internally and externally, and to wake guests up in the morning upon request.

Finance and Foreign Exchange: This section relates with the Accounting Department, through the collection from guests through their services, and also give the foreign exchange service.

Lost and Found: Should guests lost any of their belongings, this section would register the notification; and should the personnel or any person found this belonging within the hotel, then the person would bring it to this section in order to return to the owner.

Inquiry: This section is to answer questions and inquiries of guests. Therefore, this section would have to be alert with all the movements of the hotel.

Synonyms: Front Desk, FO, Front Office