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Continental Breakfast

A small morning meal that usually includes a beverage, rolls, butter, and jam or marmalade. The traditional Continental BF consisted simply of hot croissant, brioche or toast, butter and preserves and coffee as the beverage. The current trend in the continental BF menu is towards offering a wider variety of choices.

Continental Breakfast Menu:

  • Choice of Fresh Fruit Juice
  • Choice of Assorted Bread (toast, croissants, rolls, brioche, muffins etc)
  • Served with Preserves (Jam, marmalade), Honey
  • Beverages (Tea / Coffee / Chocolate)

Continental Cover:

  • Juice glass, Underliner, Teaspoon
  • Sideplate
  • BandB Knife
  • Napkin
  • Bread Boat
  • Butter Dish on a doily on a side plate with a butter knife
  • Preserve Dish on a doily on a side plate with a preserve spoon
  • Breakfast cup and saucer and a teaspoon
  • Sugar Basin and tongs
  • Slop Basin, Tea Strainer
  • Jug of cold milk
  • Ashtray
  • Stands or underplates for pots or hot milk/ water jugs

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