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Before there was the word ‘hotel’ there was the word accommodation or places for travellers, which has a more extensive meaning than the word ‘hotel’. However, the hotel is the accommodation for travellers who wish to have lodging through payment to the proprietor.

The accommodation refers to temporary lodging, where travellers may rest and take a sleep. The accommodation is a prime significant for travelling, which is important for the people, economically, culturally, and socially.

The form of accommodation should be suitably in concordance with the environment. This might be an endemic style or a modern style, depending on the surrounding. This conduces a diversity of accommodation formats. Therefore, the lodging has many types and many prices, with a variety of required conveniences.

The word ‘hotel industry’ can be concluded as the business administration pertaining to the lodging, put up to receive payments from travellers or the people who seek for a temporary stay, with services on the food, drink, and a systematic control on the particular