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Turndown Service For Hotel VIP Guest & Club Floor

Turndown Service For VIP Guest & Club Floor

SOP Number: HK-38 ( SOP serial number and department code )

Department: Housekeeping

Date Issued: 20-Apr-2021

Time to Train: 15 Minutes

The purpose of this policy is to ensure that all VIP guest rooms and Club floor guest rooms are provided with the turndown service or evening service as per the hotel's standard operating procedure.

Standard procedures for Turndown Service For VIP Guest & Club Floor:

1. Find out if the guest is in the room.

2. Announce yourself before entering the guest room.

3. If the guest opens the door, announce yourself with a smile and tell the guest why you are there.

“Good evening Mr. James, would you like your bed turned down, or would you like me to come back later?”

4. In case the guest wants you to come back later then, politely as the time for position the maid's cart in front of the guest room.

5.  If no one replies, ring the bell again and open the door slowly announcing “Housekeeping” as you open the door.

6. The guest(s) may be sleeping and has not heard the doorbell.

7. If the guest(s) is sleeping close the door and return at a later time. Write the time on your worksheet.

note: Writing the time is important in case there are any complaints later on regarding the room not being serviced too late.

8. If there is no one in the room, prop the door open with a door wedge as explained in task 3. And call room service if there is a tray or trolley to be removed.

9. Check on your worksheet how many guests are in the room.

note: By looking at your assignment, it informs you how many people are in the room so you know whether to turn down 2 beds, 1 bed, and both sides of a double bed or just 1 side of it. 

Turndown the bed:

  • Enter the room, empty dustbin and ashtrays.

  • Remove the bedcover, fold it and place it in the luggage rack drawer.

  • Remove pillow from the luggage rack and place it on the head of the bed.

  • Make 90 angles with the second sheet.

  • Quilt and third sheet.

  • Spread the foot mat on the side of the bed. [The side where the corner is made] and put the slipper on top of foot mat.

  • Always give turndown from the telephone side or inner side of the bed.

  • For double occupancy, both corner to be made.

Place turndown amenities:

  • According to the hotel procedure place the turndown amenities on the bed. ( Eg: Flower, Chocolate etc.)

  • Place the Breakfast menu knob on the fold.

  • Put on the bedside lamp.

Tidy the guest room:

  • Look around the room and straighten or tidy anything that is out of order.

  • If a room is messy it may require more extensive cleaning.

  • Remove any room service tray, dishes and move them to the service pantry.

  • Empty the trash cans and replace the wastebasket liners.

  • Do a quick vacuum if required.

Tidy the bathroom:

  • Neatly fold used towels.

  • Wipe the vanity area if required.

  • If required replace the bathing towel.

  • Clear the dustbin if used.

Create a pleasant atmosphere:

  • Turn on the bedside lamps.

  • Close the drapes.

  • Draw the curtains so that there is no light coming from the corners or centre.

  • Set the A/C temperature to what was set by the guest.

  • Double-check everything, lock the room and leave the guest room.

  • Update the status report.

Turndown Service For VIP Guest & Club Floor Training Summary questions:

1. What is the correct way to announce yourself?

2. Why must the door be opened slowly?

3. Why should you write the time you approached the door on your worksheet?

4. Why should you check how many guests are in the room?

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