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SOP Handling Guests with Meal Coupons / Meal Vouchers

SOP Number: F&B SOP - 54 - Meal Coupons / Meal Vouchers

Department: Food and Beverage Service – General Policy

Date Issued: 01-11-2019

Time to Train: 15 Min

Standard Procedure for Meal Coupons/Vouchers:

  • According to the accommodation arrangements (CP - Bed & Breakfast, MAP - Half Board, AP - Full Board).

  • The guest shall be supplied with breakfast and/or another meal coupon(s).

  • All coupons shall be standardised, and carry the logo and name of the hotel.

  • They shall mention the date of consumption and shall be numbered for tracing purposes.

  • Meal coupons shall be issued to guests by the front office department during the check-in.

  • All meal coupons shall be collected and attached to the bill or to the cashier’s summary report at the completion of the shift.

  • Since every coupon has a cash value, the procedure of handling meal coupons will be considered identical to that of cash.

  • For bill settlement/closing, please refer to the cashiering procedures.

  • Have the process for settling meal coupon setup in your POS system.

  • Any misuse of meal coupons will be subject to disciplinary action from the Hotel management.

Handling Complimentary Meal Vouchers / Letters Beverage Coupons:

  • Any complimentary meal voucher/letter shall only be accepted if it carries the signature of the GM or RM and if the conditions mentioned in the voucher/letter are respected, i.e., validity, date and place of consumption, etc.

  • The complimentary beverage coupons policy is identical to that of meal coupons.

  • Any complimentary meal voucher/letter or complimentary beverage coupon shall be collected and attached to the bill or to the cashier’s summary report.

  • For the bill settlement/closing, please refer to the cashiering procedures. 

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Training Summary questions:

Q1. What is the purpose of this SOP?

Q2. Explain the procedure for handling meal coupons?

Q3. Explain the standard process for handling free meal vouchers?

Q4. Who is responsible for issuing the meal coupon?

Q5. Why it is important to collect and attach the meal coupon to the bills?

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