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SOP Lost Bills by F&B Staff and Lost Guest Checks

SOP Number: F&B SOP - 53 - Lost Checks / POS Bills

Department: Food and Beverage Service – General Policy

Date Issued: 01-11-2019

Time to Train: 15 Min

Standard Procedure for Lost Checks / Lost POS Bills:

Lost bills by F&B staff

  • All checks which are not settled and cannot be found at the end of the shift are considered as lost checks.

  • Any staff member who fails to turn in checks at closing time will be held responsible for them.

  • If any staff member loses checks on a regular basis, she/he will be subject to disciplinary action.

  • For each lost check, the Outlet Manager has to be called and a report has to be issued.

  • The bill shall be closed in the POS terminal as per instructions from the IT administration department.

  • The Restaurant Manager should do a daily audit for lost or misplaced checks or bills.

Lost customer checks

  • If a customer has left the outlet before settling her/his bill, this is to be considered as a lost check.

  • The Outlet Manager must be called and shall inform the Security Team.

  • A report must be completed for each case by the Security Department with a copy to the F&B Director and Finance Manager.

  • It will be the responsibility of the restaurant manager or the supervisor on duty to write a full explanation on the check, together with her/his disposition, and subsequently noted in the departmental log book.

  • The lost bill shall be closed in Accounts Receivable or Bills on Hold in the POS terminal as per instructions from the Finance or the Food and Beverage Department head.

  • The lost bills need to be followed up by the concerned managers and every effort need to be done to get is settled by the customer.

Training Summary questions:

Q1. What is the purpose of this SOP?

Q2. Explain the procedure for lost bills by F&B staff?

Q3. Explain the standard process for lost customer checks?

Q4. What does it mean by a lost check?

Q5. Where should the lost bills be settled to in POS?

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