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SOP Guest Entertainment Policy Setup

SOP Number: F&B SOP - 52 - Entertainment Checks

Department: Food and Beverage Service – General Policy

Date Issued: 01-11-2019

Time to Train: 15 Min

Standard Procedure for Guest Entertainment

  • A complimentary or reduced/discounted rate of food and beverage is normally offered to familiarization tours or farm tours.

  • The sales team member or the director of sales should sign on such entertainment checks.

  • Entertainment checks can only be used for guest entertainment on hotel premises.

  • Entertainment checks can only be signed by persons authorized by the Management Team.

  • Entertainment checks must be countersigned by the General manager.

  • Each entertainment check must mention the name, the position and/or the company name of the person(s) that is(are) entertained, and the purpose of the entertainment.

  • The event or meal should be hosted by the concerned employee.

  • The presence of the employee may not be required if the guest is accompanied by his family eg Local government officials.

  • As far as possible prior permission from Hotel Manager or General Manager is sought except for compelling reasons.

  • Normally, the complimentary entertainment checks are only provided for non-alcoholic beverages and in case the same also include alcoholic beverages then the same require approval from General Manager or the Director of Sales and Marketing.

  • A sale needs to be recorded on the POS system and a 100% discount to be applied with appropriate reason selected.

  • A guest entertainment voucher needs to be attached along with the POS bill/check and the same need to be duly filled by the Sales Manager.

  • All guest entertainment checks should be verified by the restaurant manager.

  • All guest entertainment checks will be cross verified by the audit and control department.

Training Summary questions:

Q1. What is the purpose of this SOP?

Q2. Who is responsible to approve entertainment checks?

Q3. What are farm trips?

Q4. Why do we need to record the sale in POS?

Q5. When does the presence of a hotel employee is not mandatory?

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