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Standard Procedure for Hotel Booker Entertaining & Show Arounds

SOP Number: S&M – 12

Department: Sales and Marketing – Sales

Date Issued: 07-Jul-2017

Time to Train: 30 Minutes

Booker Entertaining & Show Around Standard procedure:

  • The Sales and Catering or Event staff members should be encouraged to entertain known and potential bookers or customers as per the hotel policy.

  • To facilitate bringing customers into the hotel in order to prompt them into a decision on using the hotel for their business.

  • The Sales managers and sales coordinators should have a through knowledge about the property and the services provided.

  • Property fact sheet / brochure and sales kit should be kept ready to handover to the bookers or potential customers.

  • Prior information should be given to Front office department to block and keep the show rooms ready for any show around.

  • Appropriate Guest rooms and/or function rooms should be kept ready prior to client’s arrival.

  • All amenities should be kept on the show room and to be inspected by the sales staff.

  • General Manager or Director of Sales will greet customer at the front door upon arrival.

  • Viewing Hotel facilities and services should take place prior to entertaining.

  • Complete sales kit and Hotel fact sheet will be ready to hand over to the client prior to departure.

  • As per the hotel policy a souvenir should be handed over to the booker or client.

  • Food and Beverage Outlet or Event staff should be briefed about client’s importance.

  • Outlet staff will use the guest’s name whenever appropriate.

  • Outlet staff should raise a NC KOT ( Non Chargeable Kitchen order ticket) and the food and beverage bill to be discounted 100% during settlement.

  • Sales team who is doing the booker entertainment should sign on the restaurant bill with appropriate remarks for finance reference.

  • Follow-up points regarding the business discussed should be actioned with appropriate timetable for completion.

  • Update the Sales and Catering software with the details or the outcome of each show around and entertainment.

Training Summary questions:

Q1. What is a Hotel fact sheet / property fact sheet?

Q2. Explain NC KOT and settlement process for restaurant bill?

Q3. Who is responsible for greeting and receiving the booker?

Q4. Is it required to brief the outlet staff and Front desk team about the show around?

Q5. What need to be done after a show around is completed?

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