easyDBR - Generate Your Hotel Daily Business Report with ease! 

An automated tool to help you prepare your daily business report (DBR) or Manager report with a few mouse clicks! 

No more deleted historical DBR files! simply re-generate your historical daily business report for any date using easyDBR

Main Features:

  • Compare FTD, MTD and YTD figures.Download Manual
  • Comparison with Current financial year vs Previous financial year.
  • Compare competitive hotel analysis (Compset) on DBR
  • Add Budget to each revenue / Statistical head.
  • Track variance between Budget with actual in real time.
  • Manually add / adjust the revenue for any date.
  • Import Revenue figures from your PMS or POS application.
  • Fully customizable Revenue and Statistical Heads.
  • Fully customizable DBR excel output format as per your requirement.
  • Generate Hotels Profit and Loss report (P&L) (.xls, xlsx)
  • Generate DBR / Manager report on excel format ( .xls,.xlsx )

easyDBR Overview:


Download easyDBR Trial Version:


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