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A la

A French phrase used in menu writing to indicate the style of preparation - eg; Chicken Ala King etc.

Synonyms - Ala
A la Carte

Items prepared to order as per the guest choice from the menu.

A.M. Room check

A.M. Room check is a visual look at guestrooms that are supposed to be ready to receive guests for the purpose of verifying status. Check is made at about 8:00 A.M. Those rooms not in a ready status are called A.M. Discrepancies and must be investigated. Some hotels conduct A.M. Room checks on every room to determine each room’s status. Sometimes the housekeeping department schedules workers according to the results of the A.M. Room check.


Accommodation Charges or Revenues related to Room.

Access Aisle

An aisle that is a necessary part of an accessible parking space.The aisle allows disabled individuals with a device, such as a wheelchair, to enter and exit vehicles and travel to the sidewalk or building entrance.

Access time

Access time is the amount of time required for a processor to retrieve information from the Hard drive; recorded in milliseconds.


Before there was the word ‘hotel’ there was the word accommodation or places for travellers, which has a more extensive meaning than the word ‘hotel’. However, the hotel is the accommodation for travellers who wish to have lodging through payment to the proprietor.

Accounts payable

Accounts payable is the Financial obligations the hotel owes to private and government-related Agencies and vendors.

Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable is a key area in accounting, accounts payable ensures that all bills are paid on time and all discounts are taken minimizing the costs of the hotel. Accounts payable clerks work closely with the purchasing department to verify that all invoices to be paid are indeed invoices of the hotel.

Accounts receivable

Accounts receivable is the amounts of money owed to the hotel by guests.


Acetate is a low-cost silky fiber. It is colorfast and resistant to mildew, but it is relatively easy to soil and is vulnerable to abrasion.

Acid Foods

Acid Foods are Any food with enough acid to result in a Ph of 4.6 or lower, including most tomatoes, pickled vegetables, relishes, jams and jellies, and all fruits except figs.


Acidic / Acid - foods such as citrus juice, vinegar and wine that have a sour or sharp flavour (most foods are slightly acidic); acids have a pH of less than 7.


Acrylic are the synthetic material used in making fabric or molded transparent fixtures or surfaces.

Actual expenditures

Actual expenditures are the actual spending for labor and supplies to support the generation of revenue, as opposed to budgeted (planned) costs or forecast(expected) costs.