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Sample format of Lost and Found letter in Housekeeping

When guest enquiries are received for Lost and found items, the executive housekeeper should respond to such enquiries in a timely and professional manner. If any additional information is required from the guest regarding the lost item then an inquiry form is also attached as annexure.

In addition to this, all such guest enquires should be recorded and filed on the lost and found response file. Below you can find sample format of standard response for guest enquiry related to lost items.

LOST & FOUND – Enquiry Response Letter

Dear (Salutation + Guest name),

Regretfully the item mentioned on your correspondence email / mail mentioned as being lost, has not been turned into our Lost and Found Department.

I have personally checked our Lost and Found log and the security locker.

(In case additional information is required about the lost item)

I have enclosed a request for additional information form and please provide the details.

The information you have given me now will be kept on our file. If your missing item should be turned in future, then we will inform you accordingly and also we will make necessary arrangement to courier you the same at the following address:

Mailing Address as per the hotel records:





(Hotel Name)


Executive Housekeeper

Annexure - Lost Item Inquiry form

First Name:____________                      Last Name:___________________

Room No  :____________                      Check -out:___________________

Email      :_____________                       Mobile No  :___________________

Item Lost:_____________                      Lost Where: __________________

Additional Description:________________________________________________





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