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Standard Recipe Costing Format For F&B | Hotels | Restaurants

The menu costing is one of the main factors in the 'Menu Planning'. All recipe or menu should be cost effective, and the Food and Beverage department in the hotels/restaurants should plan menus that meet financial goals. This will ensure that the restaurants can attain their profit objectives, product costs etc. which the menu often dictates fall within a specific price range.

Regardless of the type of restaurant operation which the F&B department is planning for, they must select menu items that are within the operations budget and its estimate of allowed food expenses.

The below Standard Recipe Costing Format sample helps you to plan and identify the costing for your menu items.

Download: Standard Recipe Costing Format in Excel 

Download: Standard Recipe Costing Format in Word

Standard Recipe Costing Format
Unit Name:___________
Menu Item:___________
Special Instructions:________________Recipe Yield:___________
__________________________________Portion Size:___________
__________________________________Portion Cost:___________
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