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Guest Invoice / Folios / bill format for hotels  

Front office transactions are typically charted on account statement as Invoice or Folios. Invoice consists of Debit and Credit affecting the balance of a single guest account or room.

Usually when a folio is opened the starting balance is zero. All transactions which increase (debit) or decrease (credit) the balance of the account are recorded on the folio. When guest does the final settlement of the invoice should be returned to zero balance by any of the method of payment given by guest.

The process of recording transactions on a Invoice is called posting. A transaction is posted either debit or credit when it has been recorded on the proper folio in the proper location and a new balance is determined.

While guest settles the final bill an Invoice is generated usually with a unique Invoice number for future reference. Below you can find some sample format of invoice used in hotels.

Sample Invoice Formats:

Invoice Sample 1

Invoice sample 2

Invoice sample 3

Invoice Sample 4

Invoice Sample 5

Sample Invoice / Bill  Format in Hotels / Front office

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