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Create a FREE ! website for your hotel with

So what is freshcreator and what are the advantages ?

It is a FREE! content management system ( CMS ), which will help you to create, design and manage your hotel website with online rooms bookings without knowing any kind of technical knowledge  or experience.  
It is  so simple and user friendly you can setup up your professional looking hotel website yourself, without spending money on your web developer for creating and managing your hotel website. 
Well our say on this is if you know how to create a Facebook or Twitter account then you can easily design, build and manage your hotel website with this CMS !
What are the benifits:
  • Cost effective, Reliable Direct booking channel for your hotel !
  • You spend no money on a web developer for creating and managing your website.
  • You can make changes to your website on your own.
  • Free Initial website setup assistance.
  • Free optimization tips for your website.
  • Free Online Training provided for all Paid Plans.
  • 30 Days Trail Period on all Paid Plans - NO CREDIT CARD NEEDED!

Few Sample Website Created With Freshcreator:

Fort Beach Apartment

Borgo 91

Hotel La Plage

How much does it cost ?

freshcreator  offers different plans to choose from, the basic plan is for FREE! which will give you the below benifits :
  • Creating your free hotel website with 7 pages.
  • Mananging your hotel website.
  • Unlimited Hosting.
  • Help and support.

Other plans which is having a fee included is for additional professional services and tools to promote your hotel website.

Try Freshcreator :

Freshcreator - CMS [ Price Per Year ]

30 Days Trail on All Paid Plans Plans
NO CREDIT CARD  NEEDED FOR TRIAL ! Business Professional Personal Free
Price in Euro - Per year € 360 120 € 60 € 0
Creating and managing your website YES YES YES YES
Unlimited hosting YES YES YES YES
Help and support YES YES YES YES
Number of pages Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 7
Personal domain YES YES YES  
5 emails YES YES YES  
Multilingual YES YES YES  
Booking form YES YES YES  
Customised graphics YES YES YES  
Traffic statistics YES YES    
Optimization for search engines YES YES    
Newsletter YES YES    
Managing contacts and requests YES YES    
Localization YES YES    
Booking with e-commerce YES      
Booking facebook app YES      
E-commerce YES      
Check price on your local currency.

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Part 2 Adding contents on your website:

Setupmyhotel.com is build to help hoteliers setup their operations. Get sample Stationery, Formats, SOP's, Staff Training Tips, Job Descriptions and more.
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